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Mole Control

At Harbor Pest Solutions, we carefully utilize our 5 years of experience to help our customers get rid of pesky moles in their yard. We understand the importance of clean environment and work hard to achieve our goals through using effective mole control methods.

Rodent Control

Rodents contaminate our food and carry diseases. After infestation, rodents mostly multiply very quickly, which makes it difficult to control them. They are not easy to get rid of without employing a professional pest control company. In our professional experience, we have successfully helped numerous clients to get rid of rodent and mole infestation from their property.

Ant Control

Exposed food, dirty dishes, spills etc cause ant infestation. At Harbor Pest Solutions, we do not only help our clients get rid of ants but we also provide them with tips to avoid any such infestation in the future.

Bed Bug Removal

Harbor Pest Solutions offer customized and powerful bed bug extermination which gets rid of bed bugs from their breeding spots. If you feel itchy on your mattress at night or get overnight rashes, you might have a bed bug problem in your house. Call us for property assessment today!

Bee Removal

We save humble, bumble or mason bees. So, if you have a bee problem, give us a call to discuss your options. We have done numerous successful bee removals in our professional experience and know how to do live removals so that no bees are hurt.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are extremely notorious and are often difficult to get rid of. They carry microorganisms that can contaminate food and surfaces. Our professional experience in cockroach and mole control can help you get rid of your roach infestation situation in no time. Call us today for a home screening!

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